Feature Spotlight: Dictionaries - Songcraft

Feature Spotlight: Dictionaries

Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, related, and sounds like for any lyric.

Gabe G'Sell - Songwriter & Founder of Songcraft
Mar 20, 2020
Feature Spotlight: Dictionaries

Songcraft is an online collaborative songwriting platform and tab builder. If you want to learn what we’re all about, take a minute to read our Introduction, then come back here!

Today, we’ll show you how to use our integrated dictionaries, which include rhymes, definitions, related, synonyms, and sounds like.

Looking up a word

To open your Dictionary, press the Aa icon in your toolkit.

Type any word (or phrase) into the input above and press Enter to see results, sorted by syllable count.

Press Show definitions to scroll through a series of definitions for the word. You can choose to limit results to exact rhymes by disabling the Include approximate rhymes option, and you can do the same for phrases.

Toggle through the Synonyms, Related, and Sounds Like tabs to explore all different kinds of lyrical suggestions. If a word is grey, our algorithm has determined that it may not be as perfect a match as some of the other results.

You can click on any word in the results to copy it to your clipboard, so you can paste it directly into your song.


When you’re working on lyrics, you may not want to spend the time to open your dictionary and enter a word manually. So, we have two shortcuts to quickly send any lyric to the dictionary.

  1. Place your cursor inside any word, or highlight it, then press Alt+W (⌥+W on Mac). The word will go directly to the dictionary.
  2. Highlight any word. When a Dictionary button appears above it, click it. That will send the word directly to the dictionary.

Bonus: Syllable Counter

See that number 7 to the left of the lyric line above? Did you know that Songcraft automatically keeps track of the syllable count for each of your lines? It updates in real-time as you type. Pretty neat, eh?

What are you waiting for?!

If you haven’t already, head over to Songcraft to get started. Invite your friends and cowriters, and make something great!

We’re always looking for feedback, and we’d love to hear what you’re working on. Reach out via the chat widget on our site or email us at support@songcraft.io.