Introducing: Songcraft - Songcraft

Introducing: Songcraft

The first all-in-one online platform for songwriters

Gabe G'Sell - Songwriter & Founder of Songcraft
Dec 24, 2019
Introducing: Songcraft

Today, we’re excited to introduce Songcraft, an online songwriting platform and tab builder. Songcraft combines a beautiful workspace with integrated tools and real-time collaboration to provide you the ultimate creative platform.

Your Editor

With Songcraft, your lyrics, chords, and tabs all live in one place.

Songcraft automatically recognizes chords; it can play them back or show you fingerings on any string instrument.

Working on your rhyme scheme or lyrical structure? Songcraft gives you per-line syllable counts that update instantaneously as you write.

Tabbing out your guitar solo with countless hyphens is so 2018. Quickly insert tabs right into your song with our Easy Tab Builder.

The best part? Everything that we just mentioned works collaboratively, in real-time. Two heads are better than one. And three heads are better than two. And… you get it. Invite as many cowriters as you want, and work together to create something great.

Your Tools

We know how important it is to get your lyrics right.

That’s why Songcraft has a built-in dictionary for rhymes, synonyms, and related words. Without leaving Songcraft, you’ll have access to one of the most extensive lyrical tools available for songwriters, with all suggestions organized by syllable count.

Songcraft knows what key your song is in, and it recommends chords and progressions that will sound great. Transpose all of the chords in your song with one click. Need some inspiration? Cycle through thousands of chord progressions in your key.

Need to capture that melody idea before you forget it? Or pass an audio clip over to a collaborator? Songcraft has built-in audio support.

Upload a recording, attach an external demo, or even record a new clip without leaving Songcraft.

Your Library

If your process looks anything like ours, then you spend way too much time managing notes, documents, folders, and voice memos.

Songcraft’s Library lets you search, tag, and organize your songs all in one place. Attach a demo from your computer, Soundcloud, Spotify, or Youtube. Manage your collaborators and share your song with anyone, using a private sharing link.

What are you waiting for?

Songcraft runs right in your browser, on any device; no need to download an app. Your work is saved automatically and instantly.

Head on over to Songcraft to get started! Or check out our post on writing your first song with Songcraft.

We’re always looking for feedback, and we’d love to hear what you’re working on. Reach out via the chat widget on our site or email us at

Happy songwriting!